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MapWindow Open Source Desktop GIS

The MapWindow GIS Project and software development team is focused on creating tools and technologies for GIS end users and programmers that are licensed under free and open source software licenses. The main project web site for the broader MapWindow project is here:

MapWindow5 is based on the history of MapWindow 4, but is a completely new code base written entirely in the C# programming language, using the best features from .NET Framework v4/4.5, dependency injection, multithreading, tasks, Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) and others.
This makes it much easier to create tools for the GIS toolbox or create new plug-ins.

MapWindow5 is still using MapWinGIS as the mapping tool, preserving the speed and stablility MapWindow 4 is known for. MapWinGIS is using GDALv2.* and the latest versions of the GEOS and PROJ4 libraries. More about MapWinGIS and how to use it in your own application:

MapWindow 5 - Main window
MapWindow 5 - Main window.

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